Wednesday, May 22, 2013

quick adventure tip.

when going to a restaurant with kids, eat before you go...

i wanted to introduce the kids to my favorite breakfast food from my favorite breakfast restaurant.

but i knew they would be nuts while they waited and that i couldn't afford for everyone to order something. so we ate a nearly-full breakfast in the car beforehand.

we all shared one "chicken bayou bleu with biscuits and gravy" from busick court.

the reviews were divided. Ossi ate all of his siblings' leftovers.
 photo _DSC6795_zps9d0c562f.jpg
 photo _DSC6794_zps363aa496.jpg
we like to couple a new experience with a tried and tested favorite, just incase we need redemption.

on to the gilbert house.
 photo _DSC6842_zps7cd29b18.jpg
 photo _DSC6909_zps5b2b02c6.jpg photo _DSC6940_zps8a01b643.jpg
doubley awesome adventure.

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