Tuesday, June 18, 2013

a summer idea.

after one week of summer vacation i could tell we needed some sort of running project...

something that i could suggest they work on when they felt bored...
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so we started out by each brainstorming six ideas. then they each picked their two favorite. once they'd drawn out their two favorite ideas they wrote down what materials they would need to complete each project. then we picked the winner based on intrest and feasibility.

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liam wanted to either make a giant dragon or a jellyfish and its habitat. he chose the jellyfish.
 photo _DSC8898_zps1942a784.jpg
 photo _DSC8908-1_zps5ab92467.jpg
ossi was conflicted about his bouncy-house plan or making a life-like jellyfish that he could take to a pool to scare people. he chose the jelly fish.
 photo _DSC8899_zps4416f6ab.jpg photo _DSC8904_zps33cbc83a.jpg
finn wanted to make a wolf and habitat or a super hero star fish. to my great delight he went with the star fish so we're starting off the summer with a nautical focus.

since our brainstorming we've had a chance to visit some tide pools to do a little research. maybe next i'll have them make a small prototype.
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and little evy is just happy doing what her brothers are doing.

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AML said...

Great job for doing this for your sons, interesting and fun way to learn.