Friday, June 28, 2013

life of riley.

The dance festival was a huge success. We loved every moment. Grandma and Grandpa were the champions of the weekend, playing with the kids for two long days while we got our dance on!
 photo _DSC9793_zps0f13bc85.jpg
My sister danced so beautifully. Can't wait to post some videos and tell some stories!
 photo _DSC9692_zpsea49603a.jpg
Evy had her fingers smashed in a door and one of her nails popped clean off. You can sort-of see it in these {heavenly hug} photos...
 photo _DSC9802_zps4469eb35.jpg photo _DSC9804_zps0998460c.jpg
We are so excited about the latest church broadcast we had. And about having family come stay this weekend. And about the beautiful world around us!
 photo _DSC0136_zpsf3ffbe05.jpg photo _DSC0140_zps014922fc.jpg
So happy.

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