Friday, June 7, 2013

moms are detectives.

okay, which kid did this?
 photo _DSC7719_zpsb7601636.jpg
considering there is only one kid who can write well... and he wrote his name... busted
 photo _DSC7716_zpsa7c4cd2d.jpg
some are harder to identify.
 photo _DSC7714_zps9a869c71.jpg
how tall is the suspect? how skilled at scribbling?
 photo _DSC7713_zps0cfc6c40.jpg
 photo _DSC7712_zps7e86bfbf.jpg
who was being too quiet earlier in the day?
 photo _DSC7709_zpse7c27ff7.jpg
who was the last kid to use the room?
 photo _DSC7708_zpsaa88db94.jpg
 photo _DSC7707_zps91784fe6.jpg
now here's a tricky one. it looks exactly like ossi's writing... it says his name...
 photo _DSC7705_zps33929012.jpg
but just next to it crossed out is another rendition with perfectly scrawled S's. nice try, big brother.
 photo _DSC7706_zpsdd78ee1a.jpg
some mysteries i'll probably never solve.
 photo _DSC7704_zpsebcf0a6a.jpg
and never have time to scrub off. {these are all presently part of our home gallery.}
 photo _DSC7703_zps73598095.jpg

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