Friday, June 28, 2013

the front lawn.

One summer a man and his wife went to great lengths to give their family an adventure to remember. They planned an array of trips to prime destinations. At the end of their exciting vacation the father asked his son, "which was your favorite part of our summer?"

"The night we laid in the front lawn together and watched the stars," the son answered.
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This is our summer of little moments at home.
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Yesterday we sat on the trampoline for a half-hour and silently {with a few giggles her and there} watched our cat chaise a dragonfly.
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As dinner time approached I felt so discouraged when I walked into the kitchen and there were dirty dishes as far as the eye could see. So after a little prayer I felt inspired to grab a blanket and head out to the front yard. We played well past hunger and then grabbed a burger. It was priceless.
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I feel to repeat the common admonition, "don't worry, be happy."
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