Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the kids have bloomed from babies into flowers in our eyes.

ossi loves the story of beauty and the beast. he wants to play it all the time. he's always the beast.

i saw his eyes go wide when we stepped out into the rose garden and i knew he was caught in the romance of it. he insisted that we play his favorite story in the "castle." i got to be belle, isn't that dreamy?
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super pet peeve. when people leave full fountain drinks sitting around our good earth. my babies are like, "mmmm, soda" and they run right to them. gross. at least it's only two of the kids who still go for those germ traps. for a while they would all pick up ABC gum.
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i just have to say that things really, really do get easier. i've always gotten mixed feedback about this. some moms like to say stuff like, "it only gets worse" and i'm all like, "reallllly??" it's still challenging, but seriously, look at the below picture. this those are my three boys sitting patiently by the car, waiting for me to carry their sister back. they are not climbing on the hood or running in the street. i didn't even have to tell them what to do. look how far we've come!
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of course, evy is still a toddler. not even two. one more round of potty training awaits us. but {knock on wood} she'll be great. we just took the side off her crib and moved her over by the big kids. big move.
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liam practically made his dad's father's day breakfast on his own. not even kidding i can say, "liam, your job is to clean the bathroom" and he will leave it totally spotless. same with ossi. they're such amazing helpers. i call them "little daddies."
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generally speaking when people find our how close our kids are in age they say things like, "that's the way to do it!" i always want to interject a little disclaimer...

there was a time when i asked matt, "what were we thinking having kids this close together? we are not up to this. i'm giving them everything i have and the poor kids are still sorely neglected." for a year or two at the height of chaos we didn't have time for all of their needs. they were attention starved and underly intellectually stimulated. they were left to figure out a lot on their own.

now it's totally amazing and i'm so glad their close in age. our seedlings have sprouted and are starting to blossom.

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Bethany said...

My mom always said it didn't get better or got worse. It just got different. :)