Saturday, June 8, 2013

the quest for peace.

it started with a feeling of unrest.

we knew we'd been doing okay, but we'd been missing the mark. we'd read the scriptures and pray and follow our schedule and live the changes we'd made a while ago, but the kids were still always fighting and we were still really struggling to prioritize.

so we felt urged to read this inspired speech.
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i'm overcome with emotion now as i think about the ways we've been blessed since reading and raising our expectations for ourselves.

here are the goals we made:
1. help the kids learn how to say their own personal prayers each morning so that they can contribute to the peace of the home.
2. cut back on media. we moved our computer out of the main living space and we only use it during specified times for specific purposes.
3. offering more purposeful prayers as a couple, focusing on inviting a goodly spirit into our home, and asking Heavenly Father about even seemingly insignificant decisions.
4. discerning and following every prompting that comes to us from Heavenly Father.
5. purposefully positioning Christ in the center of our home. especially in our conversations and motivations.
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when the boys walk downstairs in the morning i remind them to go find a spot to say a personal prayer. standing in the stairwell or around the corner i have heard some of the most amazing words coming from the mouths of my babies. they are grateful and the ask for things in faith.

the other day i overheard Ossi saying, "thank you for Jesus and please bless Him to come and see us." liam is very private about his prayers but he told me about one prayer when he asked for the ability to make good choices and be nice. and this morning Finn's sweet, tiny voice spoke, "thank you for sending me to my family and please bless that they will want to play together with me."

i have felt a tangible difference in our home that's the power of three more people praying for peace.
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we've gone several days without shows and movies and no one even seems to miss them. turning the computer back on after a couple of days was bitter-sweet. to tell you the truth, i'm ready to shut it off again.

i awoke two nights ago at about 2 in the morning and felt prompted to clean the house. i prayed, "Father, is this for real? or am i just making this up? you're going to have to give me a solid 'yes' if i'm really supposed to wake up right now and clean. if you do i'll get up and i know you'll help me do well on less sleep." right away i felt the familiar burning in my chest that means that it's for real. i dragged my tired body out of bed and yawned and scrubbed for a couple of hours. the next day i had more than enough charge in my batteries and i was able to completely enjoy my children without the bustle. who could ask for anything more?

there are many, many more blessings we've seen, foremost an increase of affection for one another and a drastic decrease in contention among the boys. a little effort has been returned to us times a hundred, and i could shout my gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father and His Son, even Jesus Christ from the rooftops!
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