Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cinry and Amanda

the most remarkable things are happening in our home.

most of the blessing are coming in the form of laughter. these girls are always smiling.
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i believe their culture contributes to their character, for sure. for example, they are very respectful and focused. but also, they have completely human tendencies. i love that! it makes me feel like we all fit together in this world.

i love that i have to wake them up five times every morning like any american teenager.

it has been an eyeopener to hear from them about their lives in China. they each have very different perspectives on their lives there and i have come to realize that their happiness has less to do with their country's culture and more to do with their family lives.
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Cinry is one-of-a-kind. she has a child's heart. she spends most of her spare time jumping on the trampoline with the boys. she will try any new food and is excited about every new experience. there is a passion inside her that seems to be growing since her arrival. she has shared quite a lot with me about her home life and her dreams for the future. i feel very special to have had her confide so much in me.
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Amanda is very sweet, and has a calm spirit. she is reserved and content. she loves the children and our cat and she takes pictures of everything, just like me. she is hesitant to try new foods and games but she summons courage and overcomes her misgivings every time. i admire her for her peacefulness and kindness.
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Cinry and Amanda have complimentary personalities and have created a happy balance in our home of playfulness and peace. our children have had more attention in the last few days than they could ever dream of, and for that i am incredibly thankful.
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what a blessing!

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