Monday, July 15, 2013


evy has incredible eyebrows.

i think that's why she doesn't really talk yet.
 photo _DSC1440_zps2995b7c9.jpg
any time she needs to say anything she just uses her eyebrows.
 photo _DSC1444_zps007163ec.jpg
her only words are, "mama, dad, os {ossi}, dis {this}, owie, me" and "woof." can we count the gargling noise she makes to mean "cat?"

oh, i forgot her favorite! "NO!" she uses that word a lot.

and for everything else she uses those fabulous eyebrows. or her brothers.

"evy wants a drink of milk," they say.
 photo _DSC1438_zps1f4fd896.jpg
how her minions always know exactly what she wants, i'm unsure.

maybe they speak fluent eyebrow.


Marie said...

Like father like daughter. Matt was the same. Funny.

Anonymous said...

Love to read about your cute family !