Tuesday, July 2, 2013

today i love

finn, today i love that you've gotten so good at applying my makeup in your favorite way that it takes you thirty seconds to give yourself eyebrows, scribble on your cheeks, outline your lips, and brush your teeth with your item of choice.
 photo _DSC0760_zps362909c7.jpg
evy, today i love that since you've decided you don't need to nap the wild rampage you run instead always ends with you conked in the middle of a giant disaster-zone.
 photo _DSC0156_zps32bf3671.jpg
liam, today i love that you are already working on who you are as a human. i love that even though last week was really hard you decided to try and be kind this week. i love that you put a toy in the pocket of the pants i had laid out for finn so that he would be surprised and happy when he pulled them on. i love that you say such nice things and clap when evy makes little good choices. i love that you encourage ossi when his weaknesses start to come out. and today i love that i caught you reading the scriptures on your own.
 photo 1_zps28d31f3f.jpg
ossi, today i love that you have abandoned your old problem solving methods {namely hurting, threatening and name calling} and that you've been coming up with some new options {like putting yourself on time-out inside the washer}.
 photo _DSC0155_zpsa979a492.jpg

today i love that even in the messy, frustrating moments kids are cooking up something great. actually, especially during the messy, frustrating moments.

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Marie said...

What a bunch. Thanks for the chuckles. Made my day. Love you all.