Monday, August 5, 2013

a day of wishing.

Am I crazy?

Who takes five tiny children {mine plus a friend} on a group tour to see a waterfall and then the mall?

Actually I think many parents do that stuff out of personal yearning and a desire to share the world with those babies they love most. I remember my parents taking us kids to do things like that. Big outings. Thanks, parents.
 photo _DSC3358_zps941e5566.jpg photo _DSC3340_zpsa9267ac0.jpg photo _DSC3316_zpsa3dc9006.jpg photo _DSC3293_zps7e9c59e0.jpg
Anyone else have kids who pester each other constantly?
 photo _DSC3310_zps366f5344.jpg
The first wish of the day was Cinry's on a bridge...
 photo _DSC3268_zps4dc98c29.jpg photo _DSC3276_zps528783ce.jpg photo _DSC3278_zps4e52a41f.jpg photo _DSC3280_zps75ee49a8.jpg photo _DSC3281_zps8d922aaa.jpg photo _DSC3297_zpsf50bb9dd.jpg photo _DSC3365_zpsa779c2c4.jpg
The other wishing happened in the mall.
 photo _DSC3367_zps859ec9bf.jpg photo _DSC3368_zps899f9b39.jpg photo _DSC3372_zps88a829a2.jpg
Even Evy grabbed a lunchbox off a shelf when I wasn't watching. I had to pry that thing out of her tiny-grip. I love how tired I look. Some day I'm going to look at this picture and laugh at myself.
 photo _DSC3376_zpsee5a8c92.jpg
There's some pretty big wishing going on at our home. We really want to go to China.
 photo _DSC3423_zps7cf21ef9.jpg
As we've prayed about it we've felt the urge to get our house in order. To do the projects we've been needing to do. To organize our expenses. And we feel confident that as we do these things the way will open up.
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