Wednesday, August 7, 2013


when i first became a mom i hated the sidelines. whatever it was i wanted to be doing it. i wanted to be swimming, not holding a boring baby on the bank.
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i'm a changed woman.
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there's plenty of time for swimming in this life.
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there will be so many softball games to play.
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but the time for babies is so fleeting! mine are hardly babies at all.
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yeah, we have moments of frustration, irritation, and boredom on the sidelines.
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but we bounce back quickly.
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i've come to see that we're not missing out. we're just playing our own small game. a really, really special one.
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as a stay-at-home mom i sometimes feel like i'm in the sidelines of life watching everyone else play. then i remember that in a few short year my kids will be old enough to play life, too. and off we'll go.
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then i will miss our peaceful, no-score, meandering moments...
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amy j. said...

that little flower of yours, she is just beautiful!! xx

Andrea said...

I love this. I so relate. It's taken me 4 kids to really savor the sidelines.