Wednesday, August 7, 2013

stop the train, i want off.

if i find one more piece of half-eaten fruit...

tuition. tuition...

their life lessons are pricey in time, money, and sanity.
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some days i can laugh about it. some days i just can't.

today i have no sense of humor.

i spent the morning washing and changing sheets and deep cleaning the beds. then finn decided to get revenge on ossi for some earlier malice by peeing on his bed. i wish i was surprised but they do stuff like this all of the time.

liam told a little girl who i was babysitting to hit ossi and she did. then ossi stabbed liam with a fork, drawing blood.

evy has taken her diaper off and pooped in three random places around the house, at three different times.

after having an extensive, sit-down lesson about meal times and schedules, during which i made it incredibly clear that there would be no snacking between meals, i've taken away several boxes of cereal that they've sneaked off with. i've head the words "i'm hungry" about a billion times. except when i cook a meal. then they're not hungry.

i ask them very nicely to please stay out of the garage, so naturally they decide to make a giant trap/obstacle course made up of items that can only be found in the garage.

if it's important, they'll break it. if it belongs to me, they'll break it. if it's an established rule, they'll break it.

i pretty much despise this post because it's so negative. so how do i stop spiraling?
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i'm trying really hard to think they're cute. it's a little easier for evy to be adorable... see... just look at the way she climbed back into the bath after i had her entirely ready to go! isn't so sweet to see her sucking the filthy bath water out of the dress i have to wash and dry and fold all over again?

see? spiraling.
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many times i start this downward trek. i've yet to discover a fix-all plan. i do know that yelling to get the kids to stop the negative behavior is about as realistic as expecting a train to stop for a pedestrian to cross.

the train imagery brings to mind a switch in the tracks.

what is that switch? what little thing can i do to change the course of this day?

that quest seems a little less intimidating than the task of halting their freight-like-frenzy.


Marie said...

sending love your way wish I was closer I take them off your hands for the have to laugh it is pretty damn funny love you

Marie said...

sending love your way wish I was closer I take them off your hands for the have to laugh it is pretty damn funny love you

Anonymous said...

Megan, try telling them what to do instead of what NOT not to do.. hopefully it will help.
God bless you!


Jenny Bay said...

This reminds me so much of my kids. You are so not alone, hang in there!! :)

Allysia said...

This post is ME 90% of the time. It makes me feel pretty darn horrible as a parent. And sometimes I can't stop myself from the yelling...Then I see their poor little faces, I see them cover their ears. It makes my heart hurt.