Wednesday, August 28, 2013

thanks for the haircut, os.

when we asked her about her new look, this is what we got...

me: evy, do you like your new haircut?
evy: {raises one eyebrow and rolls her eyes to the side.}
matt: evy, do you thing you look silly?
evy: {nods vigorously while raising both eyebrows}

the picture is after i tried to fix it. why do they always go for the top front? some parts are cut to a cm from her scalp. after he did her bangs he cut one side to her ear.
 photo _DSC5117_zpsf56486e5.jpgossi has chosen a very "challenging" time to start testing boundaries again. i was going to say "inopportune" but the more i think about it the more i start to feel empathy for him and i see ways that what we're going through could be the perfect opportunity to teach him some life lessons.

i realize that everyone deals differently with the emotions that come from family trials and that ossi has very underdeveloped coping skills. in reality it's been rough. in retrospect, though, it's going to be the much needed comic relief when we think about this period of our life. plus this will hopefully encourage growth in his self-expression abilities.

last night we had to put him to bed early. he went down fighting, but the occasion helped us convey some important principles. i love lecturing through stories. like Christ taught us through His use of parables, one seemingly simple story well told can open hearts. so we tell stories. i just start talking and the plot develops as i go. i feel like the stories are a gift flowing from Father to help us in our parenting. so i spouted a story and ossi understood why we had imposed limitations on him, why he had consequences and expectations. not that he was at all happy, but we are becoming comfortable with his unhappy feelings. he understood that all we do is out of love for him and our other children and that's all he really needs to know sometimes.

so it's been hard. he lost his bike today. that was not a great moment. but maybe it will save him from a worse moment down the road.


Anonymous said...

She looks darling, as always,,Megan.

Staci said...

i love her always a fun of a somewhat bull cut on lil girls plus she is so freaking cute you can't go wrong..every time i see a pic of her i want to kiss and squeeze her...seriously if and when i meet you in real life i'm going to do just that with all your babies.