Monday, September 23, 2013

school report.

Liam's in first grade. In some ways he is getting along perfectly.  He does very well in school and is very proud that he's the second-tallest in his class and one of the best readers. He got to go to lunch early because he was being such a good example.

He is meeting challenges, too. He is trying on the personalities of the people in his class. I can hear his classmates talking every time he opens his mouth. I think he feels a lot of anxiety about fitting in. He is ready to break down crying at the drop of a hat.

I am so glad that they have school to help them shine in their strengths and bravely face their weaknesses. photo _DSC6987_zpse610dc9c.jpg
 photo _DSC7861_zps47819d87.jpg
Ossi's in kindergarten. He started out with so much enthusiasm about school. He really likes his teacher and his friends. I can tell he's pretty charismatic with his classmates. When I go pick him up he excitedly tells me every detail about the day.

After the initial excitement wore of and he realized that he'd have to sit still and be obedient to his teacher, Ossi "lost" his backpack, so he could "never go back again." He has tried hiding so that I can't force him to go. He cries when I drop him off. Thank heavens he's in half day, or I'd never be able to convince him to go. His teacher demands a lot from him and I am so glad. Ossi gave his teacher a little gift after one particularly tough day with a lot of power-struggling. And even since then he's done things like tie his own shoe laces together in twenty knots so that the teacher had to stop teaching and untie them.

Even with all of the struggles to get him there, conflict resolution, and issues we've been having with Ossi's dietary needs, I feel very fortunate to have access to the school system.
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