Monday, October 21, 2013

bright lights, big city.

kids are full of light. i love watching the way people stop what they are doing to watch them shine. the whole time they played by the river there was an old man sitting on a park bench with a giant smile on his face. i think he could feel their life force. photo lambright-21_zps72042cb3.jpg photo lambright-19_zps13f6d74c.jpg photo lambright-23_zpseac82f90.jpg photo lambright-20_zpscf8d6dc4.jpg photo lambright-22_zps15331f33.jpg photo lambright-26_zps5ae369b3.jpg photo lambright-24_zps8a768dfa.jpg photo lambright-25_zpse22d2f05.jpg
finn took a picture of me trying to get in touch with matt's sister katie. oh, i love her! i am so glad she is living with us right now. she moved up from nevada a few weeks ago and we are loving it. she was up in portland at a job interview and we thought we'd come along. afterward her interview we all went to OMSI.
 photo lambright-28_zpsba51c948.jpg photo lambright-27_zpse0ab0253.jpg photo lambright-29_zps037e5bc4.jpg photo lambright-30_zps5d060916.jpg photo lambright-35_zps1333fd17.jpg photo lambright-36_zps87820ad3.jpg photo lambright-32_zps7246ea64.jpg photo lambright-34_zps59519ecf.jpg photo lambright-33_zps9b86268f.jpg photo lambright-37_zpsd6a7033b.jpg photo lambright-38_zps8f2e1a5b.jpg photo lambright-31_zps2b464b69.jpg
i love the big city. but i especially love my four bright lights.

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