Wednesday, October 9, 2013

that kid.

today when i picked ossi up from school he told me he has six girls that are friends but no girl-friend because he's not old enough.

the other day he hid under his table in class for so long that all of the teachers and administrators thought they'd lost a kid. mass panic. i keep picturing him sniggering quietly while everyone is freaking out. it's not hard to picture.
 photo _DSC8152_zps4a3be08e.jpg
the morning of his school jog-a-thon he dressed the part, ate a huge breakfast for extra energy, and jogged around the house all morning to warm up.

a teacher walked up to a group of us parents who had come to watch. she pointed ossi out, not knowing he belonged to me. "you know what kid i just love? that kid. he is definitely pumped, look at his little sweat-band!"
 photo _DSC8159_zpsd6ab24ef.jpg
finn joined in for one, very leisurely lap.
 photo _DSC8166_zpsbf5e9bff.jpg photo _DSC8198_zps8311f8b6.jpg
the kid ran 16 laps, the same as his big-brother. and kept his ample enthusiasm the entire time.
 photo _DSC8212_zpsd8571009.jpg
oh, i love him.

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