Sunday, October 6, 2013

what life is like now that i'm going to school.

We're awake. We read our scriptures through tired eyes and stumble through the morning.
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Matt rides off to work. We throw-back some breakfast.
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I walk the big boys to school.

Then the littles paint, or play, or get into mischief while I try and do schoolwork. photo _DSC8262_zps02e7462d.jpg photo _DSC8257_zps42883c28.jpg photo _DSC8218_zpscc8d4f96.jpg
 photo _DSC8417_zps7f55f47a.jpg
We walk to pick up Ossi from morning Kindergarten.
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Lunch. Then more school for me while the kids run wild for a few hours.
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We walk to fetch Liam then they play games on my phone or watch movie while I read my textbooks.
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From 5 to 8 I put down my books and we have family time. We read scriptures, say prayers, and say goodnight, then back to my studies until 10.

Some nights stay up too late trying to squeeze in a little time for each other. Then we get up and do it all again. Only with less energy.

On Saturdays Matt parents solo while I study from 9-5. Then Saturday nights off. And Church and extended family time on Sundays.

We are seriously living week to week.
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The facilitating factor in the success of this endeavor is our love for Heavenly Father and our desire to do His will. This wouldn't work without His help, and oh, He is helping.

Matt pulled a chair up to mine one evening and said, "I need to tell you something. I hate cleaning." I had to try not to laugh. I'd forgotten my quest to learn to love cleaning. It's so natural now, though I don't always feel up to it, that I actually miss housework. Some days I have to fight my real urge to clean because I need the time for studying.

I love my husband because he is willing to do something he hates so that I can do something I like.


amateur idler said...

Wow! You're amazing. I have only myself to take care of and I have a hard time keeping up with things - your hard work is both humbling and inspiring! YOU GO GIRL!

Mrs. Blimes said...

Exciting! What are you going to school for??!?

joolee said...

oh my, how i admire you.