Monday, November 4, 2013

baby teeth.

ah. too fast, too fast. babies, the time is going too fast.

evy, you know enough words. and diapers are fine, don't rush. i know you want to be like your brothers, but there's no hurry to grow. evy, when did you start sneaking my lipgloss? when did your favorite shoes become high heels? couldn't you try to freeze exactly how you are, just for a few more months? then i will have more time. then i won't miss this.

evy, could you please continue to sing songs to yourself next to my desk while i study. always and forever?
 photo _DSC0339_zps13244062.jpg
ossi, you're tall enough. you can quote enough movie lines, don't get any more grown-up sassy. i know you want to be a rock-star, but couldn't you just keep dressing in your coolest outfits and posing in front of my mirror while i try to do my hair? ossi, when did you stop sucking your thumb? when did you decide that you won't run around in your undies anymore? couldn't you stay put for a moment, my electron, and let me kiss you? could you slow down, pretty please?

ossi, would you take 15 minutes to organize your stuffed animals every night before bed. always and forever?
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chewy, your feet are quite the perfect size. finny, don't get too excited to go off to school like the big boys. don't worry about buckling your own seat belt. i know you're ready to build your own blanket forts all by yourself, but can i play, too? finn, when did your pants all get so short? when did you start reciting your numbers and letters? when did you start drawing your own baths? could you fall asleep in my arms, just one more time? would you tell me again that you love me like cereal?

finny, would you sneak into the freezer and hide in a closet to eat all of our sweets. always and forever?
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liam, you can stop losing baby teeth now. tell those grown-up teeth to be more patient. and don't worry about making your own snacks when you're hungry. or getting ready in the morning without my help. when did you get to be away more often than home? when did you develop your own taste in music? i know you will access great wisdom of your own, but couldn't you still think i know everything for a little while longer?

liam, would you wake me up at the crack of dawn to ask if you can use my phone to read scriptures. always and forever?
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Lara Baker said...

I'm so glad you find the time to post an occasional post on your blog even with your family and and academic responsibilities. It is wonderful to follow you through your journey. I love your enthusiasm and our honesty ...and you're kids are sooo cute!