Thursday, December 5, 2013


my cold feet live on the backs of his legs while we sleep.

whatever i feel like i lack, however inadequate or unequal to the tasks ahead, i know we are doing something right because we're very in love.
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we were joking the other day about our understanding of the foundation of a happy childhood. we've heard that the best thing you can give your children is a loving, faithful marriage, but we jokingly mused, "what if that's not really the case?" matt teased, "sorry for the crappy childhood kids, but at least i really love your mother."

there are moments so perfect, so pure, so sacred and fleeting in marriage. they are single frames spliced in to a busy life. back to business and we almost forget how precious we are to each other.
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any time we go on dates together, especially when we go to the temple, people ask how long we've been married. they are surprised when we say, "nearly eight years" and downright shocked when we tell them we have four children. i love what they say next. "you're just like newly weds together." and again i think about the one thing we know we're doing right.
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