Sunday, December 1, 2013


a while back matt brought home some gifts for the kids. sweatshirts in different colors. liam had purple, ossi had yellow, finn had green, and evy's was blue. matt said he got ossi a yellow one so i would like him better. oh, matt makes me laugh.
 photo _DSC1038_zps7d7cb847.jpg
back then ossi and i were at odds quite a lot. i'd pray each day to just be able to be nice to him. i can't even begin to explain how much better it's gotten between us since then.

so, it's funny that finn grew into that jacket because he's been getting a bit sassy with me lately. nothing like what i went through with ossi, but still...
 photo _DSC1102_zpse5e87285.jpg
i think that perhaps every three-year old needs a jacket in their mother's favorite color.
 photo _DSC1153_zps969da848.jpgi'm pretty sure ossi has figured out the system because i caught him wearing one of my yellow shirts. normally i'd be like, "what are you doing in my closet?" but for some reason i was especially fond of him and i decided to make him hot chocolate.
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