Thursday, January 23, 2014

the end of flu feast.

It just so happens that the day the flu died at our house a very inspired person showed up with a box full of goodies. Oranges, strawberries, cookies, doughnuts, and KFC. Everyone got their favorite. Finn and Ossi ate the sweets. Evy and I devoured the fruit. Matt and his sister Katie tucked in the chicken. And Liam put away the mashed potatoes.

And everyone kept it down.

It was a flu season miracle.  
 photo _DSC3315_zps293e12f2.jpg photo _DSC3321_zpse38f38ef.jpg
though mealtime with the flu was pretty peaceful...
 photo _DSC3304_zps53e9e21b.jpg photo _DSC3307_zpsf70c7286.jpg

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Glo said...

God uses the hands of others to do his work. I'm glad that someone was open to promptings and brought over those goodies. You are very loved.