Friday, January 3, 2014

welcome to the family.

introducing Molly Weasley.

the sweetest lab mix who speaks in hound barks and howls.

here's to dog piles with a real, live doggy! 
 photo _DSC3144_zps00511de2.jpg photo _DSC3169_zpsd51c19ee.jpg photo _DSC3174_zps147c86bd.jpg photo _DSC3202_zpsa54b0ee9.jpg photo _DSC3203_zps386a75b2.jpg


amateur idler said...

Adorable! What a cute name. Hope she joins into the family fun easily and with the least amount of shoe-chewing possible :)

Marie said...

Cute, like the name.

Anonymous said...

We had a beloved lab that lived to 14 and at times added stress to this mamas day but recently our adult children have said that he always listened and loved unconditionally! He was worth the extra work.....pets make a family. Enjoy!