Monday, February 17, 2014

beeee good.

She reminds me of the little girl in E.T.

Which made me really want to watch E.T.

So we did and two out of the four kids had nightmares that night.
 photo _DSC4655_zpscd99f7a7.jpg
This is a sugar-sweet girl.
 photo _DSC4667_zpsa392a2c1.jpg
Who has no problem keeping up with her brothers.
 photo _DSC4788_zpse29ef6e0.jpg photo _DSC4801_zps97c48083.jpg photo _DSC4804_zps675fbd7b.jpg photo _DSC4794_zps54ae7df0.jpg photo _DSC4797_zps09bc9564.jpg
This morning at the dentist the hygienist was asking me all about my kids. She said, "if you'd had another boy do you think you would have kept trying?" I mumbled (because who can really answer questions at the dentist??), "Nah, four's a lot." But thinking back we probably would have been pretty tempted to keep going. There's just something so incredible about little girls.

Especially Evy.

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Jade said...

She does look like Drew Barrymore! Such a cutie. ET gave me nightmares too. Scary movies I can watch - but ALFs give me the wig.