Monday, February 17, 2014

when we were younger.

we decided that the longer we are married, the more pleasant nostalgia we get out of being together. it really doesn't matter where we go in town. the places all have some sort of memory attached. what's more is we could move to a completely new city and still feel like we were eating at our long-standing favorite restaurant when we go out. this because the nostalgic feelings are induced by him and me focusing on each other. the setting is just gravy. or tzatziki, as was the case on valentine's day.
 photo _DSC4716_zps6b0268e4.jpg photo _DSC4717_zps7efe860c.jpg
we aren't always exciting, you know. some times i have an ear infection. oh, ears. you look so pretty with those new gems matthew gifted us, but ears, you hurt real bad.
 photo _DSC4752_zps9a0971e7.jpg
i must have apologized for being boring and tired about a dozen times. matt told me every time, "don't apologize. it's ok. i love you and i'm sorry you are sick."
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when we were younger almost every date we went on consisted of us eating some good food, then walking around and taking pictures. i can't tell you how many random pictures i have of us standing next to signs or sitting on benches or doing ridiculous stuff. i also have many pictures of the scenes. city lights, rosy gardens, playgrounds and parks. but the nostalgia doesn't come from those scenes, it comes from his face in the pictures of him. it comes every time we take new photos.
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my favorite is when someone walks up on us when we're taking funny, awkward pictures. like when matt was posing with the muscle men and a couple came around the corner. it makes everyone laugh.
 photo _DSC4757_zps13980e00.jpg
this couple was headed to the same jazz performance as we were. oh, heaven. i loved everything about this show. i especially loved watching the couples in the different stages of their relationships. young guys bringing girlfriends, golden oldies, people who are obviously uncomfortable. on valentine's day you see the whole gamete. we were the ones making out in the back. just kidding. kind of.
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mostly we saved it for the elevator.
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leigh said...

Matt looks so healthy. So happy for y'all. Your date looks like so much fun.

Ashley said...

I'm loving your hair...the other stuff is great and happy, too, but man, the dark really suits you!

Staci said...

ahhh i love this post!!! You are STUNNING love the new dark hair and that last pic gives me butterflies!

Laura said...

I love nostalgia. It makes me so happy but so sad, but happy that I can feel both happy and sad. It makes me so happy-sad and I love it.

Also loving your hair, and how healthy that Matt is looking. Happy love day, lovers x

Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

Oh what a fun picture in the elevator. I love the idea of having a date and taking pictures of eachother. That would make me feel really young again :)

teamBoo said...

How can you pull off every hair color? Its amazing!

Jade said...

I love the elevator pic, very clever. I also love tzatziki - where did you eat?

Megan Marie said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments! The Greek restaurant is called "The Macedonia" and is located in the Reed Opera House, where we had our wedding reception. ;)