Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Evy is our baby. Up until now we'd always have another baby before our youngest was two.

I am happy with our little family, and alright with being "done," but I still get a little baby-needy. Darling Evy hasn't had much experience with the little squishies, sothe two of us are absolutely thrilled when my friend Sarah brings her newbie around.
 photo _DSC4809_zpsacaa50c5.jpg photo _DSC4812_zpse17e3253.jpg
Although he'd be hesitant to admit it, I think Matt's a little sad to say goodbye to the "infant" stage in our home. It really is such a good thing that other people keep having babies for us to admire.
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What a sweetie, right? Sarah has two older children who are right at home when they visit our crazy household. The six kids can cause quite a scene (you should see them at church together). I am so glad to have this little family to be our friends.
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