Sunday, March 30, 2014

missionary transfers.

we get pretty attached to the missionaries. these young men leave home for two years to teach and serve others, putting aside all of their personal business. they postpone school and dating relationships. i am always so inspired by their faith.

every month they are up for transfers and they may or may not move to a new area then. we've had one of our current elders for nine months and another for two, but this monday they are both leaving. one completed his service and is headed home, the other will go on to another area. as we get to know them they become like family.

we love them very much and will miss them both.what a blessing these young men are in our lives!  photo _DSC6335_zps093f30fd.jpg photo _DSC6387_zps7059d7a3.jpg photo _DSC6331_zps39945e58.jpg photo _DSC6421_zps79a507fc.jpg photo _DSC6431_zps146921a7.jpg photo _DSC6428_zpsb330c32b.jpg

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