Tuesday, April 22, 2014

altered route

In the past four weeks, how often did the child...

"avoid looking at an adult"
"look at others when talking to them"
"understand the point of view of others"
"talk too much about things that the other children don't care about"
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As tired as I've become of filling out mile-long forms for various agencies, I'm ultimately thankful for the chance. This go-around, a year or so since the major problems, has been so encouraging. I find myself checking  "sometimes" instead of "always" or "never." And he still does the things that are different but aren't hurting anyone. He's still him, but the kindest him. That sounds so confusing, I know. But anyone who has ever had to fight this battle along side a loved one will know what I'm saying.
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I'm just thrilled to see how far he has come. Credit for the progress goes to everyone, really. Teachers, friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, church members. Most of the change can be attributed to one relationship. Ossi and his Heavenly Father. He is a deeply spiritual kid. I know that the closer he feels to heaven, the better he does. He learns to be candidly him, while encouraging others.

 photo _DSC8864_zpsb14f1def.jpg
When I see these pictures I see my child. I see him the way he was when he was very little and right on track, before he hit that wall. It's so good to see him back on track again.
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I have to share this video that Matt showed us. Our family has been watching it together like crazy. So much beauty in the world. Enjoy.

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