Thursday, April 10, 2014

home again, home again.

 photo _DSC6940_zps4c0dab47.jpg what a trip! oh, i wish i had more than a second to share. tomorrow's my last three finals, then back to bloggy business! i seriously cannot wait to resume everyday adventuring. plus my sister and her husband (of exactly one year)are coming for a week, starting sunday. could this be the moment to climb onto my roof and yell about the budding grapevines and raspberry bushes in the backyard? actually, i should probably wait until my tests scores are in. hopefully i'll be able to yell about that too! if not i'll just scream, "it's over! hallelujah!" and "let's everyone go to the beach!"

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Stephanie Kelly said...

man you were in SLC!!! How lovely it would of been to run into you. :) Hope you had a grand time my dear friend.