Sunday, April 13, 2014

i have the greatest news.

i couldn't resist snapping a couple of pictures with my phone on one of the happiest, sunniest, loveliest and most blessed sunday mornings with my children.

matt slid in to the pew next to me just as i stashed my phone. everyone had started singing the opening hymn, we listen to a prophet's voice, when he leaned over and whispered in my ear...

"i have the greatest news!" we shushed for prayer and didn't get another chance to talk until after the meeting. i love my husband so much. he didn't have anything juicy or anything. it was so simple, and so special.

"the church put out a new Easter video, and it is soooo good," he said as we cleaned up crayons from underneath our bench. "they purchased the top bar of youtube on a coming sunday to play it, which means a lot of people will get to see it!"

earlier in the day i'd been wondering to myself what might happen if we took a poll to ask how many people feel as if they've been personally and intimately affected by the Atonement. i imagined the number of hands raised at such a question and felt very happy and thankful. i also thought of some that have probably taken a very cynical view of the Savior. i didn't think of them in a mean way, but a brief sort-of way, remembering what i believe about freedom of religion. then i thought of the many others who would be touched by the Atonement if given the opportunity to learn of Christ. this thought is one of the most motivating, exciting thoughts. Christ's sacrifice changes lives. i don't exactly understand how, i just know it does. mine, my husband's, and many, many more lives.

here is this video, which contains the message that many hold in their hearts as "the greatest news" of all. i'm so thrilled to share it.

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Jade said...

Matt is amazing. Thanks for sharing this - it IS the greatest news!