Tuesday, April 1, 2014

on the road to general conference

This weekend our family is driving down to Salt Lake City, Utah to watch our church's General Conference.

Usually we sit in our living room wearing PJs and eating orange rolls to watch, but this time's a special treat.

Our kids have been reminding me every time I pray for meals or at bedtime, "remember to pray that we see the Prophet, mom." I think they're picturing themselves catching him on temple square like a they would mickey mouse in disneyland.

They love hearing him speak because he tells such wonderful stories that they relate to. Last conference he told a story about sneaking matches when he was a kid and accidentally lighting a field on fire. He spoke of obedience to our parents, who try to keep us safe, and obedience to Heavenly Father, who also has our best interests in mind.

For me Salt Lake might as well be disneyland. It's the magical setting of childhood shenanigans. Awe, look at us. We were "outfit" kids. One shirt for one pair of pants. They went together and if you couldn't find a match you stood at your dresser for like an hour with no clue what to do. Being a kid in the early 90s was like the best, ever.
 photo 1994FamilyPhotos7_zps284dfb5e.jpg
After Matt joined the church, back in our dating years, we took a memorable road trip through Salt Lake, but we didn't happen to be there during the church's special semiannual conference, so he's never been before. This will be his first time, although our family has watched for years on TV or the internet.

Awe, I love my brothers. This picture could only be cooler if we were wearing "outfits."
 photo P6230157_zps44ac3484.jpg

I'm not expecting the same-sort of trip this coming weekend. But I tell you what, it's going to be amazing. Especially because of the uplifting messages of conference. Last night Matt was telling the kids about the first time he ever watched general conference. He remembered things that I'd totally forgotten about being with my family and our friends the Jensons. "Ohhhh, yeah! I remember that!" I only remembered because it was the event at which I took the following picture of my sister, Tamsin. Oh, this one's going down in family history.
 photo DSC_0174_zps0d94823c.jpg
One of the most exciting things about the road-trip is that my sister Emily will be coming. She and I need some good memories to look back and laugh about!

I really hope that she will feel inspired by the conference in this challenging time in her journey. Middle school is the pits. I know that whatever she faces, she'll be able to find strength in the gospel of Christ and the counsel of the prophet that speaks on His behalf today.

Peek in on the broadcast if you have any questions or are looking for some uplift and direction in your life. Maybe you'll see us in the audience!


Jade said...

I'm entirely jealous that you get to see Conference live! Hope you have a safe trip!

Teresa said...

So happy for you to get to go. Don't give up on seeing someone special at Temple Square. Many years ago I saw Elder Oaks and Elder Packer there. Elder Oaks was busy with some people, but Elder Packer approached my youngest son (at the time) and spoke with him. It was very special. I know that you'll come home with wonderful stories, too.

joolee said...

Good for you! What a special experience it will be for you all! My husband is in charge of our stake's tickets and we always want to go...but then we remember we have an infant and I'd love to go when I can sit still and enjoy it as well as the rest of the fam! What a brave mother you are, but I bet your kids will be great and it will be unforgettable.

And you never know - your kids might just see the prophet if they keep praying! Our bishop's family when a few years ago after they'd adopted their fourth and final child from Ethiopia. He was 9 or 10 at the time, had just gotten baptized, and really, REALLY wanted to see Pres. Monson. As they were walking past the church office/admin building, (the whole time our Bishop is prepping his son that they probably WON'T really see the prophet), they look up to an open office window and see the back of a bald-ish head. This man stood up, turned around, and waved to them - it was Pres. Monson! Then he picked up things off his desk and showed the objects to them out the window, like a stuffed pheasant that he danced around with. So funny and just plain sweet. My bishop said it was SO amazing and of course his kids just absolutely loved it and felt so special. Prayers of children - they can move mountains. :)