Sunday, May 4, 2014

a confession.

when i see my husband working on his coin collection i think that he looks like a young ebenezer scrooge. it drives me nuts. it's a bit of a sore subject right now, but we'll get it figured out.
 photo _DSC6488_zpsdb626521.jpg
he's not a miser or anything. he just looks like one with his little stacks and magnifying glass. while he was getting his collection started i happened to have been working on a school paper about the negative consequences of the "love of money." ironic. and irritating.
 photo _DSC6484_zps8bc6948c.jpg
sometimes our marriage plays out like a sitcom. i'm curious to see where this episode is going. hopefully it ends with a hilarious turn of events during a vacation cruise when i accidentally drop his collection overboard when i'm carrying our bags and i have to try and recreate the collection from scratch while on the cruise ship by playing the ukulele for coins from other passengers when he is not looking. in the end he'll learn that i want him have his hobby and i'll realize that all he really wants is me.
 photo _DSC6491_zps4b264d1c.jpg
to be fair i included these pictures of the flowers he got for me the other day, just because.
 photo _DSC6500_zps38b97382.jpg
 photo _DSC6508_zpsf8e12020.jpg

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