Thursday, May 22, 2014

a few tender memories.

ossi and woof.
 photo _DSC0616_zpsaa44389c.jpg photo _DSC0613_zpsd032e0ce.jpg photo _DSC0611_zpsc03705b5.jpg
finn did the dishes without being asked. when grilled by his big brother he admitted he, "wanted to serve mom." ossi was so perplexed. he asked finn, "you mean you want something from mom?" finn answered, "no." maybe someday ossi will understand. i hope. finn was born with the capacity to give without expecting anything in return. it's just beautiful.
 photo _DSC9140_zpsd688bbf1.jpg photo _DSC9142_zps180858bd.jpg
evy outgrew these overalls. sad day.
 photo _DSC9226_zps218cee6a.jpg photo _DSC9242_zps8758f238.jpg photo _DSC9216_zps6dde54ed.jpg i miss liam's face in the pictures. but there was so long when his grins dominated. as the oldest he was even a single act for a while there. still, i am going to make a special effort to pull my camera out when he's about.

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Teresa said...

Finn is such a sweet boy. He's really growing!