Thursday, May 22, 2014

a finer night you know you'll never see.

sunday nights are my favorite. we go to great-grandpa's and eat a big dinner together. there are always shenanigans of some sort. it's heaven, really.
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absolute heaven.
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my charming prince. as charming as a prince will ever be.
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this particular sunday we said goodbye to a favorite missionary (pictured right) who was transferred to a new area. we would keep him forever if we could. so one last night in his company was the cherry on top.
 photo _DSC0558_zps9b66374b.jpg
add my husband's stellar magic tricks.
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a lovely night. one i'll not forget.
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Teresa said...

It is sad when beloved missionaries move on, but it's also a blessing. If Elder G. hadn't moved on from our ward, he wouldn't have been able to meet all of the wonderful people in Salem First! We are loving our missionaries, too. I've never taken a photo of them, but I will when they come over tonight!