Monday, June 9, 2014

animal alarm.

matt and i mumble and snooze through the phone alarms. our cat mason climbs onto my face. so we snuggle the cat and savor the morning as log as we can.
 photo june62014-67_zps83d80b9b.jpg photo june62014-68_zps9dfbcf9d.jpg photo june62014-69_zpsc5487ae4.jpg photo june62014-70_zps76256e81.jpg photo june62014-71_zps4653c432.jpg
then our dog molly breaks up the happy powwow and chases mason under the bed and back out. this daily routine of scrambling claws and howling and hissing is what finally gets us going. it's super annoying, but what alarm isn't?
 photo june62014-72_zps51a65dd8.jpg

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