Monday, July 7, 2014

kinder graduation

go ossi.
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awe, sorry finn. the balloon drop must have been for the 5th grade graduation.
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the first day of school i met zack and sarah (not to be confused with zak and sara, but also i still like to sing the song to them). sarah. the beautiful redhead, has become one of my best buds. during some of the most difficult events of her life i was privileged to be her sister and friend. she has been coming with me to church for many months now and i can't even tell you the difference it is making in her life. some day i will write a post all about sarah. he has three kiddos, one boy in ossi's class, a daughter pictured above with finn, and a new baby girl. she and zack are going to marry soon. i love them all. every time i walk into church the kids yell "MAYDEN"on the top of their lungs. it makes me feel so good.
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this is dimi. ossi accidentally called her "my dimi" so we tease him about it like crazy. when he was aladdin last halloween we showed up to a party and saw dimi dressed as jasmin. lightbulb, little sneak. he has a lot to learn before he's ready to date though, for instance: share your coat with a cold girl. in our family we have a rule that there is no dating until age 16. and when the kids are 16 they need to go on group dates with a variety of people and not pair off or have "girlfriends" or "boyfriends" until they have graduated from high school. i'm so excited for the teenage years.
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ossi's teacher and the school principle...
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so, when we got home finn and evy needed naps. while i was laying them down ossi ducked in to the kitchen and prepared little snacks for them. i love that when he is on top of the world he wants everyone else to feel just as happy.
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