Thursday, August 28, 2014


can i bottle you up? can i keep you so small?
 photo _DSC9422_zps9a104b0d.jpg photo _DSC9423_zps00b11efc.jpg
can i freeze you like this? is there a way we can stall?
 photo _DSC9463_zpsa03b2c22.jpg
say you'll stay two? wait, you're already four?
 photo _DSC9476_zpsda4d84ba.jpg photo _DSC9462_zpse5494cfa.jpg
i guess there's one option. we'll just have to make more.

just kidding. we're all done. at this rate i'll be a grandma before i blink twice, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Wise woman, you.

prettybaby said...

so cute!