Saturday, September 20, 2014


when she tripped we heard the melon-on-concrete thud. the kid always goes face first. the other day she fell and actually put her hands out in front. we had a party right there to celebrate that milestone.
 photo sept1of9_zps9fd37931.jpg
they're slipping into childhood from baby-land. i'm soaking in the glory of it, like today when evy asked, "can we watch whinny the shampoo?"
 photo sept3of9_zps963d4cf7.jpg
plenty of milestone to go. a friend of mine just told me that her son came running out of school yelling, "MOM, I WIPED MY BUT BY MYSELF for the FIRST TIME! I GOT SOME ON MY HANDS, THOUGH!"
 photo sept2of9_zps26dfabd8.jpg
oh, children. you make life awesome.

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