Saturday, September 20, 2014

under the pews

when i was a little girl there was a blind lady who brought her dog to church. in the halls we were told that the dog was working so we shouldn't bother him. so during sacrament meeting i would climb under the pews to pet him.
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our babies live under the pews on sundays.
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they say the most amazing things, you know. things about life. about Christ. about love. especially at bedtime. we live in a remarkable time with incredible and strong children coming to this world. we're surrounded with young spirits the likes of Peter and Stephen and James. i meet them volunteering in the schools and playing in the neighborhood. talk to the kids around you and you'll find that strength. they're just special.
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you know, i love the book of Acts. i love the examples shared of the way that the church was led and guided by the Savior, Jesus Christ, even after His death. i love the way that the spirit descended on the people who heard the words of the disciples.

sometimes i feel like i'm living in Acts. the church is growing so quickly now and through so many miracles. i can see the Savior's hand in this work. i feel the spirit and see it touch the lives of others.

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i feel so saddened by the stories of Christians being killed for standing true to their convictions. in that way the world today is that of Acts as well. but still the peace of the Savior rests on His disciples.
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there's still that haven under the pews.

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