Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a happy sort of dance.

just so you know my house is not that clean.
 photo september21of82_zpsef92063b.jpg
my floors are gross. every day i look at the bottoms of my bare feet and think, eweeee.
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just so you know, i really struggle with envy and pride.
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so i went to a zumba class yesterday and i was enthralled by the instructor. she was so cheerful and fashionable. she had those saggy-butt pants we old people attribute to mc hammer. shiny, gold high tops. i think her tank top said something like, "queen" or "goddess."
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i was seriously thinking about how much cooler she looked than i did. well, i'm a costume kid. we costume kids love a good "look."
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oh, i can spot a good "look." the most covetable looks to me are as follows; 1. put-together mom 2. hipster diva. naturally the most intimidating "look" is the put-together-hipster-diva mom.
 photo september17of82_zpsa25d6c06.jpg
oh, brother. megan, are you for real?
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anyway, i was in this zumba class thinking like this. then, like magic, i got caught in the music and the motion. i came alive in the steps and forgot how stupid i probably looked. i just forgot everything, lost to the dance. and i became sublimely happy.
 photo september18of82_zpsded3b9eb.jpg
at the water fountain a woman approached me. she had that put-together-mom look, but that's besides the point. actually not. the point includes my cyclical return to envy and pride. so, she walked up to me and said, "i love working out with you! you have so much energy and you remind me to just stop worrying so much and remember that this is actually enjoyable."
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can i access that dance brain when the music is off?
 photo september23of82_zps3d8453ac.jpg
can i just live joyfully and forget the rest?
 photo september24of82_zpsa6ce91e4.jpg
a few weeks back ossi was telling me about the neighbor across the street. he never wants to play ossi's games. usually liam, finn, and evy follow this kid's lead just for a change. ossi said, "it's just that when bryant comes over he acts like a flower and i'm just a seed. but i want him to know that i'm the flower and he's the seed. that's why i go get my coolest costume on. because he needs to know that i'm the flower and he's the seed." i had to think about it. then i realized that he does exactly that. he goes upstairs and comes back down with his tightest skinny jeans, his clunkiest boots, some kind of cool shirt and jacket, and like five toy weapons strapped all over with belts. it's his put-together-hipster-hero boy look.
 photo september27of82_zpsd77fa2e1.jpg
poor guy. the kid's six with a long road ahead. i'm twenty-nine and i still haven't figured this weakness out.
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i'm thinking that the solution is found in layers of understanding... understanding what really makes someone a flower...and in that, understanding that we are all flowers. perhaps healing comes in pushing out comparison while keeping the admiration. i can think these things, yes, but i know there is a piece missing that leaves the brain and purges the heart. there is some power to be unlocked, some ability. it goes back to the music and the dance...
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a happy sort of life-dance that can happen, even on dirty floors.

i'll tell you if i ever get there.


Staci said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this post!!

Staci said...

btw I envy almost everything about you.