Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a walk to get brothers.

 photo september47of82_zps22fc12cd.jpg
finn's shoes or hat fell off at least ten times along the way, causing an utter halt in progress each time.
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evy had to hold my hand or she would melt down in a fit of tears.
 photo september46of82_zpscc96d2a3.jpg photo september51of82_zps5ba5223d.jpg photo september52of82_zps24715d04.jpg photo september53of82_zps061e5b27.jpg
the kids tried crossing the streets without looking both ways.
 photo september54of82_zpsa0420f75.jpg photo september58of82_zps35e12458.jpg
they fought over whose hands they got to hold.
 photo september56of82_zpsf8533192.jpg photo september57of82_zps0d7c37c3.jpg
they collected a dozen bits of nature to bring home and leave on the floor for me to step on later.
 photo september59of82_zps60396cca.jpg photo september55of82_zps7bb89cff.jpg
they argued.
 photo september61of82_zps3e105e51.jpg
they bugged each other.
 photo september60of82_zps018daab4.jpg photo september62of82_zps943e9ae1.jpg
evy held on to my jacket strings which made for slow going while the boys ran too far ahead.
 photo september63of82_zps622511c7.jpg photo september64of82_zpsa731fe00.jpg photo september65of82_zps8e9c3fca.jpg
the whole walk was absolutely perfect.
 photo september66of82_zps7481685f.jpg photo september49of82_zps497f5a95.jpg
topped off by the most beautiful downpour just when we made it home.
 photo september68of82_zps41763191.jpg photo september67of82_zps740a7544.jpg
and a giant kitchen mess brought to you by a sweet older brother who thought wet siblings and mamma needed hot chocolate.
 photo september69of82_zpsd94216a0.jpg
these babies are both keeping me young and giving me gray hair.

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