Tuesday, November 18, 2014

sharks and minnows.

some nights when the church is pretty empty, after baptisms or parties, we like to play sharks and minnows in the gym.
 photo nov201485of218_zps8c138af7.jpg photo nov201486of218_zpsc267e215.jpg
the "darling" award goes to finn and his pal louisa who just chase each other around giggling the whole time. photo nov201498of218_zps176f443d.jpg
 photo nov201488of218_zps1e86612b.jpg
matt gets the "cat wrangle" prize for uniting the kids in stratagem.
 photo nov201490of218_zps5b3569c4.jpg photo nov201489of218_zps5f06666f.jpg photo nov201487of218_zps58c815f5.jpg
the "dramatic flare award" goes to ossi. this kid is a loud, spunky shark. or a terribly taunting minnow.
 photo nov201496of218_zps61f59da7.jpg photo nov201492of218_zpsb8b5273a.jpg photo nov201491of218_zpse37a57c8.jpg photo nov201493of218_zps02acb13a.jpg photo nov201494of218_zps460e8fb3.jpg
liam actually wins the game.
 photo nov201499of218_zpsd01d0714.jpg
but evy takes the cake for her approach to catching fish. the ultimate shark, she lays on the ground crying like she's hurt until someone comes to help her.
 photo nov201497of218_zps2a97f8ad.jpg
then she gobbles them up.
 photo nov201495of218_zps0fccc008.jpg

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