Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the cape as red as blood.

I've been to see Into The Woods three times now.
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That's the most since The Prestige (as a newly wed). photo bloggyblogblog39of529_zps7472dd07.jpg
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And before that it was Titanic (as a tween).
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There's not much time for words. Too many pictures. They are figuratively waiting in line for Space Mountain with Disneyland filled to capacity.
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I will say this. I have loved Into The Woods since my childhood. The music is a part of me and I just couldn't wait to share that with my kids in a modern format that would capture their attention.
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When I took them to see it they all stood up and started yelling at the part when the prince kissed the baker's wife. "What? They are married to other people! Mom!" Other than that part they really, really liked it. photo bloggyblogblog35of529_zps4f224296.jpg

I'm so glad they are around to remind me about truth and good. I just love them. I loved talking to them about the morals and values and themes. Every conversation with these kids is a jewel in our treasury.
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Once when I was a teen I was singing a line from the play, "Everyone tells tiny lies, what's important really is the size," when one of my youth leaders from church interrupted me with a startled look on her face. "Oh, I know that's not really true, I was just singing." It was a part of bigger story with a bigger message, but just too hard to explain.
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I wonder if the reason we get frustrated with other people is because the things they do or say appear to us out of context. We can't know the whole story, ever.
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Jewels, jewels. Thoughts and treasure.
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I miss this place for my insights to live. My brain is so jumbled with the many unshared thoughts. photo bloggyblogblog48of529_zps231fcd26.jpg


Teresa said...

I miss reading your insights. It's a sweet treat when I see that you've updated your blog. We thought about going to Into the Woods (one of my favorites, too) as a family, but decided against it, because of the adult themes. I like that you used those themes as an opportunity to have discussions with your children. I especially like what you said about why it is we may get frustrated with other people, and how we cannot ever know the whole story that someone carries. So true. So wise.

Natalie said...

"I wonder if the reason we get frustrated with other people is because the things they do or say are out of context. We can't know the whole story, ever." Yes! This is so poignant and a really important thing to remember. I like the idea of giving people the benefit of the doubt, because people usually deserve that. I also always like when I meet people's families because it helps me understand that person and the way they are the way they are - the context of a person - so much better.