Thursday, February 19, 2015


there are moments that are smaller than family vacations. smaller than landmark events. these moments are the most precious to me, and the ones that i find are the easiest to forget.
 photo treefeb20155of22_zpscb7a4ffb.jpg
moments when the kids are all playing a simple game. moments when we laugh, but we couldn't explain exactly why.
 photo treefeb20157of22_zpsd1667535.jpg
 photo treefeb20156of22_zps4a96c4d0.jpg photo treefeb20154of22_zps6980056e.jpg photo treefeb20153of22_zpsdda83c74.jpglately Ossi has been adding subtle commentary to our conversations. after someone is done talking he might say, "daaang, boy!" or "tell me, what?" in a high-pitched squeak.  his comments are totally unrelated to whatever we say, so they spin the whole tone of what we're conveying. it creates a furnace of comedy around everything we do.  photo treefeb20159of22_zpse8bf7150.jpg photo treefeb20152of22_zps6cc9bccd.jpg photo treefeb20158of22_zpscd639f1a.jpg
these little moments are treasures, tiny bursts of joy that bring purpose to our life. we might be doing productive things like reading together, or working in the garden, but we might also be just watching a movie together or laying in bed in the morning. wherever we are, there are these little treasures.
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the day we walked the tree roots liam had a bubble gum face. earlier he'd learned how to blow big bubbles and then he realized that his face was still covered in gum, now encrusted with dirt. just watching him giggle as he tried to get it off was one of those moments. those precious flecks of gold.
 photo treefeb201512of22_zps9099014a.jpg photo treefeb201513of22_zps1145ae71.jpg photo treefeb201514of22_zpsa77ad70e.jpg photo treefeb201515of22_zpsc746e3d6.jpg
i never want to forget to collect those little flecks in pursuit of less-worthy lucre.
 photo treefeb201517of22_zps6bf04231.jpg photo treefeb201516of22_zps10c95c24.jpg photo treefeb201518of22_zps9ec4ba88.jpg photo treefeb201519of22_zps81311203.jpg
i mean, look at this face. my little finn commands the universe with this face. i'm feeling pure glee.
 photo treefeb201521of22_zps40064958.jpg photo treefeb201522of22_zps71185b6e.jpg
i'm so rusty with my camera. my charger has been broken for a month and i'm running on empty batteries. this situation is an appropriate metaphor for my own need to reflect and readjust attitudes to be able to recognize, reverence, and retain those little moments. camera or no camera, we can't let this gold pass by unnoticed.
 photo treefeb201520of22_zpse1f371e6.jpg

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