Wednesday, February 4, 2015

welcome, cousin.

Ian is here! His brave, wonderful mama is doing well and he is just heavenly. He was born a couple of weeks early (January 30th) by cesarean (he was breech) and he weighed 9 lbs 10 oz! Big boy! We adore him already. I was so blessed to be able to be there and witness those first moments when Katie fell in love and the sweet smiles of a thrilled grandma.
 photo smallIan1of57_zps93fd9265.jpg photo smallIan3of57_zpsb1579ed5.jpg photo smallIan5of57_zps6230c030.jpg photo smallIan4of57_zpsf69675dd.jpg photo smallIan2of57_zpsb584a2ce.jpg photo smallIan6of57_zpsd366eb71.jpg
Mom was pacing the halls in a ball of nerves before the surgery.
 photo smallIan7of57_zps4e3e8c5a.jpg photo smallIan8of57_zps6c61ceae.jpg photo smallIan9of57_zps6d9bc7f6.jpg photo smallIan10of57_zps7fc03332.jpg photo smallIan11of57_zps3d869fa3.jpg photo smallIan12of57_zps64cac3d0.jpg photo smallIan13of57_zpsc05ce2e8.jpg photo smallIan14of57_zpsedd64d1c.jpg photo smallIan16of57_zps472ca87d.jpg photo smallIan21of57_zps1fff052d.jpg photo smallIan18of57_zps9dd6924f.jpg photo smallIan22of57_zps97f256a8.jpg photo smallIan25of57_zpsdd5da1c9.jpg photo smallIan27of57_zps5a0e2157.jpg photo smallIan29of57_zpsa2c4dfd3.jpg photo smallIan26of57_zpsf36452fc.jpg photo smallIan32of57_zpse75a01a6.jpg photo smallIan31of57_zps821f60ea.jpg photo smallIan30of57_zps5bf2c563.jpg photo smallIan33of57_zps4e57db1f.jpg photo smallIan38of57_zps6c06fe7c.jpg photo smallIan39of57_zps3a36698a.jpg photo smallIan34of57_zps237e3e98.jpg photo smallIan36of57_zps5e09be3b.jpg photo smallIan41of57_zps9d0c3604.jpg
The kids think he's a cutie and they all want to hold him. The kids watched as they gave him a shot... well Ossi hid his head under a pillow. Finn's face was so pained for Ian when he got poked. Evy gave Ian a few concerned glances regarding the reigning title of "baby," but generally speaking, she was pretty enamored. We just can't wait to get to know him in the days, weeks, months and years to come! Welcome to the family, cousin.
 photo smallIan46of57_zps4ae6747c.jpg photo smallIan47of57_zps7a90b852.jpg photo smallIan48of57_zps25d7fd88.jpg photo smallIan50of57_zpsf76836e5.jpg photo smallIan49of57_zps1249b84e.jpg photo smallIan51of57_zpsd82f7fe2.jpg photo smallIan52of57_zps01ff0968.jpg photo smallIan53of57_zps987fa021.jpg photo smallIan54of57_zpsf06ec0ba.jpg photo smallIan57of57_zps32d3f367.jpg photo smallIan56of57_zpsd4db14d0.jpg photo smallIan55of57_zpscc9ec0b2.jpg


joolee said...

So, so sweet. Pics of new babies just make my heart want to BURST.

Megan Marie said...

me too! oh, there's nothing like them!

prettybaby said...

these photographs are so good! i wish i had this selection after i gave birth! what a beautiful boy! xx