Monday, May 18, 2015


we followed my phone to a new park and played on the swings for a good while. the whole time ossi was asking, "when can we go home?" the other kids were content to play but lazily roamed from the slide to the sandbox, gently amused but not intrigued by the designated play area.

we decided to venture into the bordering woods before heading back to the car.
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geese swarmed to our picnic basket as we stopped by a pond. they fought at our feet over scraps of tortilla and frightened evy into a retreat for the sheltering trees. she watched from a distance, completely intrigued.
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the sight of a "bleeding tree" caused thoughtful questions and further examination.
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the discovery of a crude seesaw brought delight to the faces of my curious children.
 photo april adventures small 126 of 134_zpsucnlmogf.jpgthe refined, efficient park equipment had failed to provoke this excitement in them. photo april adventures small 129 of 134_zpsdfa0mrvd.jpg photo april adventures small 127 of 134_zpsdzv5ogdd.jpg
i'm convinced that the human race thrives when surrounded by simple, gently-touched nature.
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when we arrived back at the car they groaned and asked if we could explore some more. how is it that the fanciest designed playgrounds lose their enchantment after a time, yet a patch of earth with wild plants and animals can hold us captive in unending splendor?   photo april adventures small 133 of 134_zps2vjfj14c.jpg
if ever i get trapped in the idea that our recreation must be costly and exciting, i will remember the front-yard tree of my childhood. i'll picture my brother eating the maple leaves and imagine him swinging down from the branches like tarzan. i'll think on the park we visited in my youth that had slow, deep water running under a bridge. and i will picture the forest seesaw and the faces of my nature-babies.
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