Monday, May 25, 2015

oh, finn.

 photo may adventures small 34 of 39_zps13u06lqm.jpgfinn, do you know how my love looks? photo may adventures small 35 of 39_zpsn03sd0ym.jpg
i love every inch of you, and more, and less. i love you now, and when you're bigger, and when you were a tiny football-baby. i love you as a gummy-bear on an ultrasound photo.  i love you when you're taller than me. i love you in greens and blues and grays and whites and strawberry-blond. i love you in another time, another place.
 photo may adventures small 33 of 39_zpsdnoaoxsg.jpg
do you know you are good? that you are valued? that you have a worth above any earthly treasure?
 photo may adventures small 3 of 39_zpsyes8mjtp.jpg
do you know that you are a prince in real-life, not just pretend? that you have been noble and great from the beginning of forever?
 photo may adventures small 6 of 39_zps6zdrnzp4.jpg
when you bite those little nails, worried, worried, i wonder how you see yourself. i wonder are you anxious, do you feel small?
 photo may adventures small 5 of 39_zpsenv7gtgh.jpg
are you just the sum of your glorious freckles, baby teeth, bright eyes, now-decisions, now-weaknesses, now-struggles? no, my son. you are much, much more.
 photo may adventures small 7 of 39_zpsduwwulhy.jpg
you are eternal.

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