Wednesday, May 13, 2015

patient with precocious

ossi isn't afraid to ask anybody anything.

some kids would ask a stranger if they could try their kayak. ossi asks strangers if they will buy them a kayak. unless they're woodcrafters, in which case he will ask them to custom-make him a model.

the reactions range from amusement to irritation, but sometime ossi gets lucky.
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i was so thankful for these friendly brothers who let each of the kids take a ride around the dock. there are so many kind men in this world. the other day i stopped to let a man with a little girl cross the street (he looked like he could be her grandpa). as she happily rode her bike ahead of him, he painfully limped to catch up, walking a very pink beach cruiser. i was touched by his willingness to go riding with the child under less-than-ideal circumstances.
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i try to remember the men and women who treat children with kindness and love whenever i encounter cranky folk. as i found myself stuck on a slick hill carrying two children i had to let molly off her leash. she ran ahead to bother a couple with a dog and they turned back and yelled at me for the intrusion. i don't know if they were surprised when i came running up the path with four children and cuts and scrapes up my left shin, but their looks were not very kind.
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it's easy to focus on the few people who seem impatient or unforgiving. in truth i think the majority of people are generally patient with precocious children (slash animals) and their often overwhelmed mothers. for every trunchbull there are dozens of honeys.
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the adventure was worth the scraped shin, to be sure.
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watching these three boys overcome their hesitations and swing out over the lake was worth any minor injuries incurred. although evy might disagree considering she spent half of the time drying off from a spill into the shallow lake (i may have fallen in with her) and the other half of the time battling ants (a recently acquired phobia).
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