Monday, June 1, 2015


 photo friends-scouts-etc 19 of 119_zps9j5ifowm.jpg
you'd have to be nuts to want to be a cub-scout den leader.
 photo friends-scouts-etc 18 of 119_zpsivm4kmw3.jpgso, naturally, i love it. photo friends-scouts-etc 3 of 119_zpstkmmhdpo.jpg
the boys are loud and a little embarrassing.
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they harass nature right after we go over leave no trace principles.
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they've all got hollow legs.
 photo friends-scouts-etc 7 of 119_zpsmyeubtdv.jpg
but they do things that surprise me.
 photo friends-scouts-etc 10 of 119_zpssbdzonzk.jpg
small, sweet, acts that grant glimpses of the men they're becoming.
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yeah, they pick up dead stuff.
 photo friends-scouts-etc 17 of 119_zps58o3bvbu.jpg
but they are good boys.
 photo friends-scouts-etc 2 of 119_zpse1qqmtgx.jpg
soon they will face the world of adolescence. many will get lost, then, especially those who have less family support. they might stop coming to scouts, stop taking joy in ducklings and roly-polies and dead fish. they might feel not-so-light, not-so-innocent.
 photo friends-scouts-etc 20 of 119_zps2pefa5wo.jpg
i hope they can keep these memories and the feelings of blissful childhood shenanigans.
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and i hope they find ways to recapture that boyish goodness in their manhood.


prettybaby said...

you are amazing! xx

joolee said...

i bet you're the BEST leader! i was a den leader for about six months a couple years ago - it was fun, i was just bummed my son wasn't in cubs yet. he's about to turn 8 and he is SO EXCITED. all because of leaders that make it fun. :)