Monday, June 29, 2015

ossi is seven, whaaaat?

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pop rock brownies! big, big hit. make sure they are completely cooled before you put the pop-rocks on or they will melt and fuse to the roof of your mouth (sorry aunt katie!) this was round three so luckily we knew!
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we made light sabers out of pool noodles and duct tape, too. i felt like a human whack-a-mole as i walked through the room to help them.
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after a while all of the guests were playing in the back yard together and my four babies naturally congregated in the living room together. i thought it was so sweet the way they gravitated toward one another like that. today i witnessed ossi picking finn for his red-rover team over a giant group of friends. things like that make me feel good. like, even though they squabble a lot, there's so much love there.

one of my major goals as a mother is to teach them love and concern for their siblings. at times it feels like we're going for the impossible. ideal, yes. difficult, sometimes. worth the effort, surely.
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Bruna Reis said...

Exactly what is happening to these children walking to grow so much? I do not think Ossi was seven, he's so big, so beautiful and incredibly loving, it is wonderful to see the big kid he is forming and a shame to see him leaving aside the few things children like fantasy dinosaur, that green fantasy, he was really cute in it, and seeing it working now on another play we realize how much this boy has grown since the spectacle in which he played an angel, an angel maravilhosso as it is. I wish all the happiness in the world pro their wonderful son, and that may many joys and adventures. Congratulations little angel, happy seven years.